Our History

Where We Started

Our founder, David Davidson, always had a strong desire to start his own service company and build something he could take pride in. When he started his company, he wanted a unique name that reminded him of his humble beginnings. Growing up, David would cross Socagee Creek daily and as a result, he founded Socagee Services, Inc. in March 2001.

During the early years, the Socagee team learned to operate pipeline systems doing measurement work. This enabled the company to begin offering additional services.

Our History Timeline


Socagee Services was formed in March 2001 in Waskom, Texas by David Davidson. The business started with mowing pipeline right of ways and compressor stations.


Socagee started expanding its services to include well hookups and flow line installations. As our construction services continued to strive, it led to more midstream projects such as pipeline and large plant construction consisting of Amine plants, Deyh plants, and Compressor Stations.


Because of Socagee’s strong reputation for its attention to detail and conservative business practices, it prospered during the economic storm. During that period, Socagee’s business grew exponentially while other construction service companies were not so fortunate. Due to this success, Socagee was able to expand its operations in the Haynesville Shale formation.


Socagee began working in the Permian Basin area of Midland, Odessa, Pecos, Orla, and Toyah Texas.


Socagee opened a new corporate office and operations yard in Carthage, Texas.


Socagee expanded its footprint to offer services to downstream companies on the Gulf Coast.