Why Choose Socagee?

Our drive for innovation, quality, and safety allows us to complete projects on time and within budget, with minimal impact on landowners, environmental compliance, and maximum overall efficiency. We provide a wide range of oil and natural gas construction services including oil pipelines, natural gas pipelines, compressor and pump stations, and gas and oil processing facilities. We cover a broad market area and aren’t limited to the Permian/Delaware Basin or the Haynesville Shale developments.

Services We Offer


Integrity Services

Operations &

Facility Construction

Socagee has served our clients in the energy industry for many years. As an experienced facility construction provider, we can provide you with all aspects of facility construction to accommodate your every onsite construction need. Whether it’s greenfield pad construction and dirt work, mechanical, electrical, or civil, our team of qualified professionals will ensure all of your projects are completed on time and on budget while also incorporating one of the top safety records in the business.

Pipeline Integrity Services

Socagee Service’s experienced team can be your partner to ensure that your pipeline services/integrity projects are guaranteed by utilizing our proficient knowledge and versatility, with an emphasis on quality, tracking, and safety. Our experience has safely executed projects for the past twenty-two years and look forward to working with you on your next project. Our pipeline/integrity services include:

Operations & Maintenance

We will tackle any project that may arise no matter the size. With our competitive pricing, we will make sure you receive the highest quality of service and most cost-effective solutions for any needs that come up.